My name is Kristal Ferchau, a bay area native serving my tenure (15 years and counting!) as a high tech marketeer in the silicon valley.¬† I’m one half of what some would call a DINC (dual-income, no children) super couple.¬† And when I say “super” I don’t mean super grand or super powerful, I mean super crazy–as in the hours we work–where a 60+ hour work week is the rule, not the exception…

There are days when living here seems like its own bubble world, where light speed still isn’t fast enough, our zero property line houses are ridiculously tiny but expensive, outsourcing your home life (cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, the whole 9) is normal, and “life/work balance” is a thing of the past – unless of course you’re one of those time-management guru’s.

Life in the valley is also an exciting place to be… it’s a hub of innovation, technology leadership, and seemingly the center of controlled chaos… where great ideas are given the opportunity¬† to flourish, and where a fashionista like me with a weird penchant for technology and gadgets can thrive.